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we serve the ring community church, a new church in baton rouge, louisiana


this says a lot...


let me explain...

there are two reasons i haven't blogged in almost a year.
this is one of them:

Urban Word of the Day from urbandictionary.com

January 16, 2007: blogorrhea


To write a [blog] entry just for the sake of posting an entry, not because you have done anything interesting today.

I couldn't really think of anthing good to blog about, so my last post was real blogorrhea.


on the 26th day of christmas my true love gave to me...

i could be wrong, but it seems like there should be a cutoff date for christmas lights. i like a good light display as much as the next guy, but there are people in my neighborhood who still turn their lights on at night... it is january 7th. this does not anger me or anything like that, i just think we need some closure.

(note: as of january 29th, the lights are still on)


why i am friends with t alan lusk...

after two days of meetings and a lot of church talk (we are starting a new church in BR sometime after the first of the year - the ring community church), it was time to fry some turkeys. jake, reaux, t, and i were in my backyard deep-frying turkeys for a community group thanksgiving dinner on tuesday night. it takes a while for them to fry, so we had to find something to keep us entertained. we took turns splitting wood with a wedge and sledge hammer, but that only made us tired. so we got out the old BB gun and started shooting things (yes, we are all grown men with jobs... but who can resist a BB gun?). one thing led to another, and... well, t let jake shoot him in the butt with the BB gun from about ten feet away.

that is why i am friends with t alan lusk.


the LORD is my grand master flash...

we are currently walking through the 23rd psalm on sunday nights, and someone recently asked me how God was using this study to teach me about being a pastor/shepherd. although there are many things i could list, one stands out at this point. one of my jobs as a pastor is to point people to the good shepherd, and remind them of his presence and activity in daily life. but, as many pastors have demonstrated (me being one of them), it is easy to slip into pointing them toward myself instead of God. there are churches all over the place that are known more for their pastor than their God. sort of like grandmaster flash (in the red sweatsuit). when hip-hop first started, the focus was all on the dj because he was the one creating and mixing the music. the mc's were there to draw attention to the skills of the dj and get the crowd into what he was doing. grand master flash's mc's were the furious five. somewhere along the way, mc's stopped pointing people to the work of the dj and started drawing all the attention to themselves (a la the fresh prince)... and rap stars were born. one of my jobs is to constantly draw attention to the amazing work of the shepherd. my prayer is that i will always know my role and live it out.

sorry if that made no sense at all... but it works for me


for the love of all things sacred...

so there i was, reading through the comments on my last post, enjoying the witty remarks of my friends as they congratulated me on my new house... when it happened... some jerk posted a stock market ad in the comment section of my blog. as if it's not bad enough getting 20 emails a day offering "incredible deals" on everything from mortgages to relationships to pills that will... um... nevermind. have these marketers no shame? i realize that blogs are out there for all to see, and i accept the consequences, opening myself up to criticism, etc. but, it would be so nice to have some space... gosh!


bring on the debt...

as of 3:00 on tuesday, i will be the proud owner of my first house. few things in life have made me feel this old... i mean, grown up. the entire process has been fairly simple, so don't ever let people tell you it is a pain. i have come to the conclusion that people will bend over backwards to help you if it means they are going to make money off of you. regardless, i have a house... who cares if it won't technically be mine until 2035?